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Calgary SW, AB

Locally owned and operated

Calgary SW, AB

Locally owned and operated

Customer Reviews

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Read our customer reviews: Our clients drive us to succeed

Of course we love what our Calgary maids have to offer, but so do our customers. Take a look below to see what a few have shared about their experience with us!

We have been employing Merry Maids every fortnight for about the last 4 years. We have 100% satisfaction with their service, in all regards. All their staff are reliable, polite, cheerful, and completely competent. We regard them more as friends than as merely cleaners. It is always a pleasure to come home to a sparkling clean house. We have not had a single complaint in all this time. They always telephone to remind us one day in advance, giving us name(s) of staff who will be coming, and approximate arrival time. As well as regular cleaning, they also invite us to specify additional, specific jobs, e.g cleaning refrigerator. At (e.g.) Christmas, they bring small gifts, a much-appreciated gesture. We rarely give full marks to any business services, but in the case of Merry Maids, there is simply nothing that we would criticize.

– Barry & Janet Baldwin

I was really struggling to find a spare 5 minutes in my working week to complete house chores. Thankfully, Merry Maids now lend me a hand. I’ve been using them for the past few months and I’m delighted with the results. If you want a fresh and clean home at a great price, look no further than Merry Maids.

– Lois Golden

When Merry Maids pay your home a visit, you will meet very friendly maids who are very good at what they do. The ladies who cleaned my home were so knowledgeable about the cleaning products they use and they were always accommodating when I had questions. Definitely recommend.

– Donovan Phillips

My floors were squeaky clean and my cabinets were in pristine condition. I can’t wait to use Merry Maids again.

– Sarah Keaton

Convenient and efficient. It’s great knowing my house cleaning is fully taken care of.

– Robert Hanks

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